Pool Terrace Seven Wonders Hotel

Pool Terrace in hotel

The hotel boasts a rooftop swimming pool and covered terrace outdoor seating. The pool is outdoor and unheated, (9m x 4m with 1.5m depth) with wooden decking around for sunbathing and reading or similar pursuits. Please note that we don’t have a lifeguard or spotter. The use of the pool is free to our guests. You should be able to enjoy a dip and a swim in our pool without feeling crowded, as the pool is 9mx4m with a depth of 1.5m. There is ample space for relaxing on one of our sun loungers or sitting on our terrace taking in the mountain air.

We do not advise swimming alone out of hours, and we consider the pool to be closed during the night at 08:00 p.m. The depth of water is not adequate for diving. Parents of small children should not allow their children in or near the water without buoyancy aids unless they can swim unaided. We do have a lifeguard and spotter, but he cannot take over parental supervision.